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vt sep (= make additional eye-catching or interesting) → donner du piquant àintercourse abuse n → sévices mpl sexuelssex abuser n → auteur de sévices sexuelssex act n → acte m sexuelsex addict n → accro mf du sexe sex habit n → dependancy f sexuellesex aid n → gadget m sexuelsex appeal n → sexual intercourse-appeal msex change sexual intercourse adjust operation n → changement m de sexe, opération f de changement de sexesex discrimination sexual discrimination n → discrimination f sexuellesex travel n → pulsion f sexuellesex education n → éducation f sexuellesex god n → sex image msex goddess n → sex image m

geslagsagtig جِنْسِيّاً сексуално sexualmente pohlavně sexuell seksuelt σεξουαλικά sexualmente suguliselt از لحاظ تناسلي seksuaalisesti sexuellementמיני लैंगिक रूप से spolno, seksualno nemileg secara seksual kynferðislega sessualmente 性的に 성적으로 lytiškai seksuāli; dzimumceļā tentang seks geslachtelijkkjønnsmessig, seksuelt płciowo د جنسی sexualmente sexual сексуально pohlavne spolno seksualno sexuellt ในทางเพศ cinsel olarak 在性方面 статево, сексуально جنسی اعتبار سے thuộc các vấn đề sinh lý, giới tính 性别上地,两性之间地

The feminine gametes of vegetation are contained in ovules; when fertilized by pollen these variety seeds which, like eggs, incorporate the nutrients needed for the event with the embryonic plant.

In relation to like, introverts may Assume, act, and communicate in ways that are diverse than those people who are additional extroverted. Here's eight crucial symptoms...

Regardless of the debate regardless of whether sex habit is often a “true” condition, Lots of people wrestle with problematic sexual conduct. There are ways to break away of compulsive sexual habits.

In genetic sexual intercourse-perseverance devices, an organism's intercourse is decided by the genome it inherits. Genetic sexual intercourse-willpower typically is determined by asymmetrically inherited sexual intercourse chromosomes which have genetic features that affect advancement; sex can be established both from the existence of the intercourse chromosome or by how many the organism has.

Animals are often cell and seek out out a husband or wife of the opposite sexual intercourse for mating. Animals which live in the h2o can mate utilizing exterior fertilization, in which the eggs and sperm are produced into and Incorporate in the bordering h2o.

SexualityToday New directions in sex therapy and research, and the way to keep sexually sane while in the twenty first Century

[29] In many cases, having said that, specialization of intercourse has advanced this kind of that some organisms develop only male or only female gametes. The biological bring about for an organism developing into a single intercourse or one other is known as intercourse perseverance.

In birds, males generally have a far more colourful visual appeal and can have attributes (much like the very long tail of male peacocks) that may manage to put the organism at a disadvantage (e.g. vibrant colors would seem to create a chicken a lot more seen to predators).

Although the evolution of sex dates to your prokaryote or early eukaryote phase,[11] the origin of chromosomal sex determination may perhaps happen to be relatively early in eukaryotes (see Evolution of anisogamy).

two. the action of soliciting buyers for a prostitute or of procuring Gals for sexual applications. Also panderage.

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Among the essential Homes of lifestyle is replica, the capacity to crank out browse around here new folks, and sexual intercourse is definitely an facet of this method. Lifestyle has developed from easy phases to extra complicated types, and so provide the replica mechanisms. Initially the reproduction was a replicating approach that is made up in creating new men and women that consist of exactly the same genetic details as the initial or mum or dad specific. This method of copy is termed asexual, and it remains to be utilized by lots of species, specifically unicellular, but Additionally it is very common in multicellular organisms.

to increase the enchantment of; to help make extra attention-grabbing, interesting, or enjoyable: We've made a decision to sexual intercourse up the Film with some fight scenes.

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